Medscape Blogs - Yash Shah


  • Health Quality: Protecting Patients and Clinicians From Medical Errors Medical errors take thousands of lives annually while imposing exorbitant economic costs. Designing more effective and human-centered approaches can improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Going Virtual, Both in Class and the Clinic COVID-19 has yielded advances in our telemedicine services for patients. It is important that we prepare the future generation of physicians to provide optimal care via this new platform.
  • Antibiotic Resistance: A COVID-19 Crisis We will eventually emerge from COVID-19, or at least achieve a sense of post-pandemic normalcy, but we must ensure that the pandemic does not pave the way for other infectious agents.
  • The Hidden Dangers of a Medical Career The pandemic ignited a rise in occupational violence to healthcare workers. Posing dangers to practitioners and patients, the violence is also a warning to future docs about the hazards of medicine.
  • Patients Are Often the Best Instructors in Medical School Interactions between patients and medical students often provide some of the most memorable and educational experiences. Patients offer perspectives that help future physicians develop their skills.
  • The Value of Leadership Education in Medical School Leadership education can help future physicians learn about the role of doctors away from the patient's bedside. This role can advance care on a systemic level to improve outcomes.
  • The Value of Clinical Experiences Early in Medical School Medical schools traditionally focused on providing students an intensive science foundation during the preclinical years. Integrating earlier clinical experiences benefits students and their patients.
  • Bringing Arts Back to the Art of Medicine Medical schools have recently been combining humanities with their science-based education to develop in future docs a humanistic and compassionate approach to patient care.