Medscape Blogs - Dr Rosy Thachil


  • The Power of Expectation in Medicine We can harness the power of self-fulfilling prophecies in healthcare and education.
  • Is There a Power Shift Happening in Medicine? Should the medical culture evolve from a hierarchical structure to a more collaborative one? A cardiologist takes a look at the shifting culture of power in medicine.
  • Ways to Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud in Medicine Ever feel like a fraud in your career, that you got to where you are because of luck? Here are five mental hacks to get your confidence back and your career on track.
  • COVID Lessons: Socially Distant but Emotionally Close Certain social phenomena have creeped into our lives due to COVID, but there is a silver lining. Four takeaways from living in a pandemic world.
  • The Secret to a Long Life May Be Ikigai Ever heard of ikigai? It could be the secret to a long and happy life. Learn the four things that could help you find your reason for being.
  • Advice to My Intern Self Everything is a learning experience. Here are 11 tips for new and current medical trainees.
  • The Cost of Caring Compassion fatigue -- it would seem like an oxymoron, but it plagues many healthcare workers.